Ways to Use Technology, Apps and Services to Provide Senior Care

Our health and wellbeing is so important at any stage of life but as we age, it is even more important to ensure that we are strong and healthy. However, as we age, there are some things that we just cannot do ourselves anymore or perhaps we just need a helping hand.

If you are the one lending the helping, our friends at Elderimpact.com have put together some fantastic tips and tricks that will make caring for your loved ones much easier by providing seniors and their caregivers with much needs advice and resources. They have put together some very helpful advice for us to share with you below:

Providing care for a senior parent is a duty that many people will face as their parents
grow older. As you fulfill the unique needs of a mother or father, who lives alone or with
a partner, you’ll likely need the help of various services, due to your time constraints
and schedules. One can only be spread so thin, so here is a roundup of tricks and apps
that will simplify your life as a caregiver.

Computer Training Workshops

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, many seniors find themselves baffled when it
comes to using smartphones, tablets, and computers. According to the Pew Research
, seniors today are more digitally connected than ever before. However, they still
fall behind compared to their younger peers.

Thankfully, there are apps available to teach seniors how to use a computer so they
may type emails, letters, fill out forms, and locate services online. Skillful Senior is easy,
free and assisted by an animated voiceover. The app will also help an aging adult
navigate websites, teach correct posture and assists with using a mouse.

Use Technology, Apps and Services to Provide Senior Care

Pet Care Services

Taking care of a pet is a big job but well worth it, especially if you live alone. If your
loved one is incapable of providing feedings, cleanings and walks all the time, there are
numerous pet services available to fit the needs of whatever type of furry or feathered
friend is around. Mobile Veterinary services, grooming amenities, and clinics are all
available just at the tip of your fingers. Rover.com has a downloadable app that makes
finding and scheduling a dog walker simple.

According to LiveScience, dogs remain man’s best friend and most popular pet in
western culture, which makes tools such as Whistle Pet Tracker app, formerly known as
Tagg provides fast and convenient services for tracking your pet’s health and activity. At
a one off payment, you keep all your contact information in one place in case
your pet becomes lost. Additionally, Whistle notifies you when your dog roams from his
or her “whistle zone” so he or she can get back to safety.

Use Technology, Apps and Services to Provide Senior Care

Food Delivery

Just the thought of having to trek to the grocery store, fight the crowds and whip up a
meal daily can be stressful enough for seniors who may have limited mobility or poor
eyesight. Additionally, not having anyone there to cook a warm meal is also another
concern. However, with the many food delivery services available, your loved one may
have a meal at their disposal at any time.

Food delivery services aren’t just for college students and young urbanites. Seniors can
enjoy the pleasure of prepared food as well, with apps, such as GrubHub that will
deliver local fare right at your doorstep for an additional $2.99 delivery fee. On the other
hand, if your loved one typically needs to have prescriptions or other necessities to
delivered to their home, Postmates will pick up anything you need from a store of your
choice, so your loved one isn’t hassled by having to drive or call a taxi service.

Assisted Caregiving

5 Star Medical Alert is known as a personal safety app. As the name implies, the service
provides top notch service to those in need. Once your relative is signed up, he or she
instantly connects to a 5Star agent who is available day and night. The built-in GPS
tracking system also notifies help of your location and allows one to make conference
911 calls with family members or friends in a dire situation.

Perhaps you live far away, or you’re not able to meet the demands of tending to your
loved one on a daily basis. 5Star Medical Alert allows your loved one to contact help
when needed immediately. Just link your contact info to the system and a 5star agent
will be ready to notify assistance should an emergency arise.

Keeping your senior parent safe and well is of utmost importance as a caregiver.
Though you may not always be available, you can at least tend to your loved one and
provide them the care they need through these top dependable apps.

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