What are greens supplements all about?

Nowadays, it’s difficult to get all the nutrients that we need solely from the foods we eat. Many foods that we buy are modified or altered with chemical substances or simply from depleted soils; in this way, even the vegetables don’t have all the nutrients that they should have. Since it’s important to maintain our health and energy, a green supplement become a necessity.

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What are they?

Well, green supplements are actually vegetables, fruits and herbs that were transformed into a powder, often by freeze drying. Instead of struggling to maintain our nutrition solely based on a diet of the food we eat, we can simply take a greens supplement. The supplement does not contain any chemicals or substances that will harm your body; just the most natural ingredients that will keep you healthy and active.

What are the benefits?

First of all, you will regain your energy. Very often after a workout or a hard day, you find yourself completely exhausted. Why? Because your body does not have enough nutrients to keep you going. You may try to gain energy by eating a sweet snack to get you back on track, but this won’t last for long.

Second, they will help you strengthen your immunity. As you know, vitamins and minerals are vital for your immune system. Many of us are not getting enough of these from your daily diet.

Some studies show that an increased consumption of vegetables and fruits can lower the risk of heart disease, as well as help your digestive system. You know how uncomfortable you feel after you have a heavy meal? A greens supplement can accelerated your metabolism.

A green supplement will also help improve your complexion and leave you glowing. Chlorophyll is a substance found in plants that help your skin, hair, nails and liver. You probably noticed that people who have a plant based diet look more young and healthy; that’s all thanks to chlorophyll.

The benefits do not end here! Thanks to all the nutrients that you find in these supplements, your improved health you will leave you feeling upbeat and positive. Your diet has a big impact on your mood; when you eat junk food for days in a row, you start to feel lethargic and down.

When your body is healthy, your mind is healthy!

Why not a multivitamin

Traditionally multivitamin contains chemically synthesized isolates, whereas a greens supplement are the made from the concentrated whole food and contain the vitamins and minerals in their natural form. A greens supplement is also often freeze dried and ground so as not to modify their properties through heat.

There is little doubt that the best way to get nutrients is through whole foods rather than supplements.

What to look out for!

As always, it is best to seek advice from your doctor is you are taking supplements, even green supplements just to be sure you are going to be interfering with medications or ailments that you may have.



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